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Strategic Gears offers tailored services in the branding, marketing, and communication fields, ranging from gauging and developing brands, to establishing all the pillars of marketing from ideation to execution, as well as supporting in the execution efforts.

Brand Equity and Development

Assessing brand and brand family equities, and the development of brands that generate further value to organizations, through determining brand positioning and building appropriate brand attributes and frameworks.

Communication Strategy

Developing specific messages tailored to target audience segments with appropriate channels of communication, across different phases of communication campaigns and calendars.

Marketing Strategy

Developing marketing strategies from supporting organizations in gauging customer demands and developing products/services to fit the needs, to selecting the methods of delivery, and devising persuasion tactics considering the specificity of each customer segment.

Pricing Strategy

Building on actual value, perceived value, costs, and competition, in order to develop pricing models and strategies that contribute to maximizing shareholders' value.

Marketing Support

Supporting organizations in executing communication and marketing initiatives through drafting and creating infographics, motion graphics, launching events, among others.